Dr. Daniel Pryde-Jarman, Lecturer: Introduction to Art and Design

Dr. Daniel Pryde-Jarman, Lecturer: Introduction to Art and Design, Dubai, November 2015

“Thanks to you for all of your hard work with organizing all of the
arrangements and the schedule. This made for a very smooth experience for me, enabling me to focus on the content of the classes, and for the students too, who I’m sure felt reassured by the professional look and feel of all of the sessions and supporting material provided to them.

It seems clear that there is a growing market for art education programs such as Art Experts +, and the majority of all of the students I spoke to, across all of the classes, said that they would like to enroll on future courses and would recommend them to friends, family, and colleagues. These responses seemed genuine and reflect really well on the programmes you have developed from scratch, especially considering how these were the
inaugural sessions.

Having the Abu Dhabi art fair visit as part of the programme was a really beneficial addition, and the students seemed to gain much from being able to move around with their peers and engage in discussion.

Thanks again for inviting me over for the Art Experts programme - I had a really fantastic time.”

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