November 10, 2016

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Abu Dhabi Art Fair - Day Trip - November 19

Are you ready for the busy art week?
Abu Dhabi Art Fair is opening its door on November 16 and will last for 4 days.
We are planning to arrange a group tour on the last day of the fair, November 19.
Round transportation from Knowledge Village 
Fair Tour
Fees: 100 AED per person
To make it happen we should get around 30-40 members. You are more than welcome to invite your families and friends.
If you are interested and would like to participate, please inform  by November 14, so we can proceed with all the arrangements:
November 01, 2016

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Course Venues

ArtExperts+ is thrilled to announce that grateful to our partnership:

the third line limah design salsali private museum andakulova gallery

The Third Line will generously host two courses: Curating Contemporary Art with Dr. Daniel Pryde-Jarman and Introduction to Writing about Art with Danna Lorch.  

Introduction to Art and Design with Dr. Daniel Pryde-Jarman will be anchored by our new Partner - Limah Design Consultants 

History of Art from its beginnings to the 19th century and History of Art from Impressionism till the Post-War Years. The Beginnings and Patterns of Modernism with Dr. Zoltan Somhegyi will be accepted by our valued partner Salsali Private Museum.

Our another highly regarded partner Andakulova Gallery will host Introduction to Islamic Art with Dr. Ulrike Al-Khamis for the second time.

We and Our Partners are looking forward to welcoming you to the courses!


November 01, 2016

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Announcing Partnership with The Third Line



ArtExperts+ is honored to announce the partnership with The Third Line . Within this propitious cooperation, The Third Line will generously host two courses from our November/December session - Curating Contemporary Art with Dr. Daniel Pryde-Jarman and Introduction to Writing about Art with Danna Lorch.

October 31, 2016

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The enrollment is now OPEN!

ArtExperts+ team is happy to announce the opening of the Registration for our 3rd session! Six different programs will be held in Dubai from November'16 to December'16. 
You can now check the schedule and enroll in the courses:
Please be informed that you are eligible to get a 15% early bird discount, which will stay active until the 15th of October. Just add AE+EarlyBird at the checkout!
Looking forward to welcoming you to the programs!
September 12, 2016

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Exploring Impressionism: free public lecture

It’s our second lecture in the series of talks to celebrate the approaching Art Season; we would like to invite you to our free lecture on the 15th of September at A4Space, Alserkal Avenue, 6:30pm. Subject: Exploring Impressionism. 
It is open to the public. Feel free to invite your families and friends!
Stay tuned and hope to see all of you very soon!

Exploring Impressionism

This lecture will give you a brief but informative outlook of History of impressionism. It will introduce the Impressionist movement and its members presented within the prevailing historical context, as well as investigating the trans-national impact of Impressionism and its creative techniques.

Speaker: Eve Grinstead, Art Historian

Lecture Agenda:

  • History of Impressionism
    • background that influenced the Impressionists
    • Key principles and techniques
    • Main personalities 
  • Revolutionary Aspect and Criticism
  • Q&A

This is a free public event.

August 17, 2016

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ABC’s of Museum Operations: free public lecture

Dear All,

It’s been a while since our last activity in April. To celebrate the approaching Art Season, we would like to invite You to our free lecture on the 29th of August at A4Space, Alserkal Avenue, 6:30pm.
It is open to the public. Feel free to invite your families and friends!

ABC’s of Museum Operations

This lecture will give you a brief but informative outlook of Museum Operations and provide an overview of various operational processes that museums employ. The talk gives insight into how museums implement their mission - to care for their collections and serve the needs of visitors and communities.

Speaker: Liliana do Nascimento, Director of Salsali Private Museum - SPM Dubai

Lili graduated in Industrial Design but started her arts career in theatre and dance at early teenage years with who she still continues to consider her major influence and responsible for her passion for the art world: her drama teacher Mário Primo.

She worked in theatre for over 10 years with several directors, dancers, choreographers and writters before moving from Portugal to the UAE in 2006,  where she decided to develop her Art Education Master's research. 

In the past ten years has collaborated as Art Educator with major art institutions and galleries in the region as Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Dubai Art Fair, Sharjah Art Foundation and Salsali Private Museum, collaborating in projects with international artists. 

She is now the Director of Salsali Private Museum - SPM in Dubai.

Education and the empowerment of people through Art for a better world is her passion and what orients her career.

Lecture Agenda:

  • What is a Museum vs What is a private museum
    • An introduction to the concept of museum and how it changed over the years
    • The main differences of a private and non-private museum.
  • Collecting and artwork acquisition
    • Collecting
    • Collectors' influence in the art market and in the artists' careers
    • Curatorial procedures of artwork acquisitions: buying, packing, shipping, storing, cataloguing and legal documents.

April 20, 2016

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Our Contest Winner

We are happy to announce our contest winner Margaryta Muratova.
Margarita will join our Art Market for Art Collectors course tomorrow.
This is her writing:
I wish I could win and get a chance to open the door and peek into the mysterious world of art collectors…
I wish I could have that fabulous sense of taste for collecting art-objects…
I wish I could start collecting art treasure in my life one day…
These thought came to my mind firstly when I received a mail with competition challenge. But the only passion of mine which I have kept since childhood and want to tell you about – collecting photo and photo-book about the period of ballet formation as an art from the end of 19th century up to middle 20th century. Every year I fill my small collection with VOGUE’s fashion dance collaboration, or new experiment with ballet dancer from Patrick Demarchelier, or sketches of incredible talented Japanese theatre-illustrators. Do I dream to have some paintings from Edgar Degas? May be… One day… But for now let his beautiful balerinas be a public art heritage at the museums.