Lecture: Dubai’s Architecture: Captivating Cityscapes

We are happy to announce our free public lecture during the holy month of Ramadan. We would like to invite You to the lecture on the 20th of June at @a4space @alserkalavenue, 9:00 pm. Subject: Dubai's Architecture: Captivating Cityscapes. It's open to the public. Feel free to invite your families and friends! Looking forward to seeing you! Photo courtesy of @kharlamovm

Besides being a town on the old caravan route from Iraq to Oman, Dubai was also a transit port between India, east Africa and the northern part of the Gulf. Gradually it developed into a busy commercial center, where people of different cultures and traditions settled and mixed, leading to today's multi-cultural society.

Dubai’s architecture has been driven by climate, creativity and enterprise. On the one hand, there is the Old Town, home to winding alleyways, traditional souks and fascinating, classic Arabian-style dwellings; and on the other, there is the sprawling modern metropolis that has risen from the desert sands over the past few decades – a shining example of modern architecture at its very best.
This lecture will give you a brief, but informative outlook of Dubai’s architecture and urban planning. We will look at the buildings and the key figures who designed the city's development and construction in the past decades.

Speakers: Tiziano Aglieri Rinella, PhD
Assistant Professor of Architecture, ALGHURAIR University
Ruben Garcia Rubio, PhD
Assistant Professor of Architecture, ALGHURAIR University

Lecture Agenda:
• Dubai 50 years ago
• First Architectural Projects
• Signature Buildings & Key Figures
• Modernity vs Tradition
• Future of Dubai’s Architecture and Design

Location: A4 Space, Alserkal Avenue

This is a free public event.

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