Lecture: World of Islamic Art and Architecture

Dear All,

To celebrate the approaching Art Season, we would like to invite you to our lecture on the 20th of September at A4Space, Alserkal Avenue, 7:00pm. Subject: World of Islamic Art and Architecture.
It is open to the public. Feel free to invite your families and friends!
Stay tuned and hope to see all of you very soon!

The lecture will give you a brief, but informative outlook of the World of Islamic Art and Architecture. Its appealing to anyone interested in understanding Islamic art and culture, by examining the relationship between Islamic faith and various art forms. This introductory talk will explore the main stylistic and iconographic themes in Islamic art and highlight the diversity of its expressions.

This lecture precedes our upcoming course in November on Islamic Art and Architecture led by William Lawrie.  “In this lecture and the subsequent course, I am not seeking a universal answer – that has eluded every scholar. Instead a series of case studies, drawing attention to continuities and transformations, with a focus on symbolic content and iconography” – William Lawrie.

Speaker: William Lawrie, CoFounder of Lawrie Shabibi. MA in History of Art from Edinburgh University, with a specialization in Islamic Art.

Lecture Agenda:

  • What is Islamic Art
  • Key Media
  • Geographical Spread
  • Islamic Art Today
  • Q&A

Location: A4 Space, Alserkal Avenue

This is a free public event.

For inquiries: contact@artexpertsplus.com