Course Venues

ArtExperts+ is thrilled to announce that grateful to our partnership:

the third line limah design salsali private museum andakulova gallery

The Third Line will generously host two courses: Curating Contemporary Art with Dr. Daniel Pryde-Jarman and Introduction to Writing about Art with Danna Lorch.  

Introduction to Art and Design with Dr. Daniel Pryde-Jarman will be anchored by our new Partner - Limah Design Consultants 

History of Art from its beginnings to the 19th century and History of Art from Impressionism till the Post-War Years. The Beginnings and Patterns of Modernism with Dr. Zoltan Somhegyi will be accepted by our valued partner Salsali Private Museum.

Our another highly regarded partner Andakulova Gallery will host Introduction to Islamic Art with Dr. Ulrike Al-Khamis for the second time.

We and Our Partners are looking forward to welcoming you to the courses!