Danna Lorch

Danna Lorch is an American writer and editor based in Dubai. She holds a graduate degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University and her publications center around arts and culture from the region. She is particularly interested in relationships between Middle Eastern art and current events, gender issues, and human rights, though she also avidly follows the financial side of the art market. Believing strongly in introducing a culture of balanced critique to the region’s press, in the past four years she has published more than 200 articles and interviewed more than 100 artists with roots in the Arab world. With a background directing and writing about large international NGOs in the Middle East and Africa, Danna began her arts career as a blogger (Danna Writes), and after developing a passionate viral following, transitioned into a career as a writer. Her work regularly appears in gallery texts, artist monographs, and well known regional and international publications.


Introduction to Writing about Art: Theory and Methodology