April 2016 Session in Dubai

ArtExperts+ targets wide audience of art professionals and amateurs, who want to expand their knowledge and get more expertise in their spare time. 

The courses are structured as a set of intensive programs (20-24 hours tuition delivered in 4-6 days). Some of classes will be held over weekends and in the evenings during the business week.

The courses will be delivered either in partnering galleries in Al Quoz (to involve practical discussion of art), or in comfortable conference space in Knowledge Village.


Our Contest Winner

April 20, 2016

We are happy to announce our contest winner Margaryta Muratova. Margarita will join our Art Market for Art Collectors course tomorrow. This is her writing: I wish I could win and get a chance to open the door and peek into the mysterious world of art collectors… I wish I could have that fabulous sense of taste for collecting art-objects… I wish I could start collecting art treasure in my life one day… These thought came to my mind firstly when I received a mail with competition challenge. But the only passion of mine which I have kept since childhood and want to tell you about – collecting photo and photo-book about the period of ballet formation as an art...

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World Art Dubai

March 27, 2016

If you are willing to meet the Art Experts+ founders and get to know more about Accessible Art Education in GCC come to join our talk on April 9th in World Art Dubai. An exciting range of education opportunities have become available for the expansion of the Internet, and there are still reputable universities, colleges connected to museums and other substantial art institutions are providing various options to learn about art. So where to begin studying art? What are the possibilities tostudy art in GCC countries? This talk will cover the major aspects of accessible art education programs, which target adults and kids, art market professionals and amateurs, artists and researchers.Particular emphasis will be given to theoretical and practical issues as...

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